A-Z of Growing Your Business Online – Automation


This month I’m taking the alphabet and giving you tips from each letter on how to grow your business online. Today’s letter is A for Automation.

The great thing about the Internet is that you can use it to speed up and automate your business. In this article I’m going to talk about some ways that you can automate your business. If you are looking to find out how, I have previously written about some of the automation tools you can use to achieve this.

The first thing to do is to think about what bottlenecks you have in your business. From there you can use the Internet to speed up your processes. Here are some examples of some common bottlenecks in business.


A lot of the time in our business, we actually make it complicated for our customers to give us money. A lot of the time the bottle neck in the process is a person. The insistence that you need a person in the process. In many cases, you don’t have to start with a person. Give the opportunity for your customers to pay you online without you. Package up your services and put up a “pay now” button.
If you still do not believe that people will pay without you, create a bookings system or a way to contact you so that you get the information you need at once. Save time with the back and forth.

Customer Support

Save time with customer support by implementing processes with your website. One way is to anticipate concerns and queries before they happen and create a FAQ page. The other is to streamline your customer concerns and queries with a ticket system. Process all your tickets at once instead of having to deal with, say, phone calls at odd times during the day.


This is the hardest one for many of us to admit, but often us, ourselves, are a big bottle neck in our business. Consider a virtual assistant to all the tasks you don’t need to do so that you can get on with the important tasks.

What’s Your Bottleneck?

In the comments below, let me know what is the bottle neck in your business? I’m looking forward to your answers, as well as what you think of my new series :)

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Jan Koch

Hi Carlie,

my bottleneck is my creativity. I’m always focussing on more projects than I probably should and that’s why sometimes I feel like not getting anything done.

Would be cool to have an automated system that kicks me anytime I loose focus


Carlie Hamilton

I understand that bottle neck!! It definitely is good to focus on one project at a time until completion.

I know there are some programs out there that try to assist in keeping focus. Such as RescueTime. The program I really like is ManicTime, it tracks what programs you are using, right down to what websites you are browsing. It doesn’t stop or restrict you, but it is good to see what you spend your time on, and from that you can see where you are wasting time and perhaps it would be worth, say, spending money on something if it means you can claim back some more time. Hmm, maybe I should review it some time.



Nice post. Right now, I’d say my bottleneck is time. I’m working on ways to sell more than just my services. This will lift some of the monetary restrictions.


Carlie Hamilton

Yes, when providing services the bottle neck is your self. You have to be physically there to do the work. I’m trying to move away from this model as well. I do believe that people when trying to make money for themselves should start with this model as it is great to get money now. But it isn’t scalable, so once you have a cash flow, work on converting it to something that is scalable. That’s my process anyway.


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