5 Lessons From Awesome Front Page Opt-ins

Lessons From Awesome Front Page Opt-ins

I am slowly doing a website overhaul to make it more focused. That has included changing my home page to have an opt-in box. I am still not happy at all with my front page, and I am sure in a couple of months I will really cringe to see the above image of my current front!

That said, over the past couple of days it has been converting really well. I mean, I don’t have record traffic or conversion, but I feel like I’m a rock star at the moment with the amount of opt-ins I’m getting, with my front page having the highest conversion rate right now.

Don't laugh too hard at my numbers

Don’t laugh too hard at my numbers

So, my conclusion from this is, even if you have a lousy front page opt-in, they really work in getting people into your email list.

Eventually I would love to have an awesome front page, but right now I’m in research mode. In this post I’m going to have a look at some of the best front page opt-ins out there so that we can learn from the greatest.

So, in no particular order:

amy porterfield

Amy Porterfield

Amy has it all here – a beautiful and engaging image of herself, the dot points show the benefits of subscribing, a testimonial for social proof, and Amy even gets some important information finding out what people are frustrated with. Fantastic!
Visit Amy Porterfield…



Bright Ideas

It’s big and red. It certainly stands out. And the product, Massive Traffic Toolkit is nice and clear. Nice call to action on the button, compared to “subscribe”. Overall, this is simple but it looks like it would be effective.
Visit Bright Ideas…



Think Traffic

Love love love Think Traffic’s opt in. Simple, yet it stands out.
I love their ‘tool kit’ that you get when you opt in as well. It is not just an ebook, but videos, workbooks and more. It really got my creating juices flowing when I saw it – I now plan over the next six months or so to really expand what you get when you opt in to my email list into a range of goodies. Hot stuff.
Visit Think Traffic…


rise to the top

The Rise To The Top

Another beautiful smiling face, which I really think helps build trust. A great design, it just looks fresh and different, and a little bit badass!
I didn’t put it in the picture, but right under this there are the three reasons as to why you should watch/read/subscribe The Rise To The Top. It’s fantastic.
Visit The Rise To The Top…



Chris Ducker

I think Chris’s whole home page is beautiful and clean, I would love to create something like this I think. The opt-in section has all the stuff – a face, social proof, clear benefits.
Visit Chris Ducker…




Dan’s opt-in is positioned at the top of his blog page. Again, handsome face, social proof through both testimonials and websites, specific information on what you get. Dan, a fellow QLDer, has educated me on much of my knowledge on opt-ins, so I love everything he does!
Visit Informly…



Sparring Mind

Social proof through the testimonial and the amount of subscribers… I wonder if I could just say on mine “Join 100,000 + Subscribers!” ha!
Visit Sparring Mind…




Simple, direct. Love it.
Visit Vero…


5 Lessons From Awesome Front Page Opt-ins

OK, let’s see what I’ve learnt from having a look around the web.

finished-work A Smiling Face Is Better Than An Ebook Cover

It is really nice to see the person behind the site. I think it gives you confidence that what you are signing up for is not some crap. The person is so confident in what they do they can put their face on it.

finished-work Clearly State What You Provide

Have a head line that clearly states what you do or what you provide.

finished-work Share the Benefits of Signing Up

What will people get when they sign up? I see both features (“you will get access to videos and workbooks”) as well as benefits (“position yourself as the most awesome person in your field”).

finished-work Show Your Social Proof

Show evidence that what you do is loved by many other people – testimonials, where you have been featured, the number of subscribers you have… It’s all good.

finished-work Confirm You Don’t Spam

Add in some reassuring text to say you don’t send out crap.

What Are Your Favourite Front Page Opt-ins?

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite front page opt-ins are, and if you have one. If you have one, how are you finding the conversions to your list?

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Mary Gardam

What great timing. Great post Carlie.


Jennifer Kennedy

Yay! Thanks for sharing these, Carlie! I have my opt-in form up, but I am looking to create an opt-in offer. I’ve been doing some research and am going along the lines of Think Traffic, both in terms of the simple opt-in form, but also offering a workbook and video series.

This is very helpful. I’ve got my creative juices flowing, too!


Tim Bonner

Hey Carlie

Great-looking home page you have there.

I’ve not considered having an opt-in there but it’s something I think I’ll test to see what the conversions are like.

I agree with your observations of the front page opt-ins too. A big smiley-face does appear to be the way to go!


Alvin Chadwick

Carlie you have an awesome blog and this was a great article on how to use Opt-ins to build up a mailing list. Although, when you decide to place ads on your homepage, which one do you choose, the Opt-in or the ads? Ads at the top of the homepage have better converting rates than ads at the middle/bottom & your Opt-in limits the ability to place ads at the top.


Carlie Hamilton

I’m glad you enjoyed it Mary


Carlie Hamilton

Yes, I like Think Traffic’s one as well. I’m planning on putting my photo up there as well. I think it does build a bit of trust.


Carlie Hamilton

Since I put it up I’m getting about one person a day signing up with it, which is more than my 1-2/week that I was getting before! I don’t have the kind of traffic you do either. So I’m happy with the results so far.


Carlie Hamilton

Well, for me I consider my email list a higher priority. If it is all about money, I believe that you can get much more money from nurturing a targeted list of people than some randoms clicking on your adds. It does depend on your niche as well, and what it is that you are advertising.

You know what they all say, the money is in the list.

But look at the top people in your niche (as I have done here). What are they doing? What are their priorities? I am not saying that what works for them will work for you, but don’t try and re-invent the wheel and learn something from their wisdom. They are the ones who are at the top.


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