How to clear your inbox everyday + 1 great tool you can use to increase your email efficiency

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I’m sure you are a sucker when it comes to your email. I am as well. I glance at it all day long when a new email pops up on my phone, even if 90% of my emails are newsletter subscriptions (maybe over estimation – it can just seem like that at some times!)

I have been reading stories of successful entrepreneurs and business owners, and a reoccurring theme is to be on top of your email. Neil Patel cited poor communication and not responding quickly to emails as one of the reasons why you aren’t making the big bucks. This one’s my favourite: Carolyn Creswell, owner of Carman’s Kitchen said in an interview I read – “Clear your inbox every day.” In fact it was her quote that inspired me to both write this post and implement the practise myself.

There is a better way to deal with email, making it less of a hassle and time suck. Here are some tips and tricks that work.

Only check email 1-3 times a day.

Constantly checking your email is distracting, likewise if you have a notification on when you get a new email. You will be interrupting your workflow and you will not be able to concentrate on the task at hand. Make a set time when you will check your email – this will be somewhat dependent on your business as emails may need to be checked regularly. I recommend checking your email 1-3 times a day.

Don’t leave read emails in your inbox.

As you read emails, action them right away.

  • If it is junk or does not need a reply, delete it or archive it.
  • Reply to the email right away. Then delete or archive the email. By responding right away you are also leaving a good impression.
  • If you can’t reply right away, or you need to wait for a specific date or action to take place, then you need a good record system. For instance, if you need to respond to an email at a later date, write a note down in your diary at the date and archive the email. Then it is not sitting your inbox like a dead weight, reminding you it is there every time you email it. When it comes time to action the email you know where it is.
  • If the email holds information that you want to access at a later date, and are afraid you might forget about it – send it to Everonte. You could also create a folder/tag called “to read” and save it for a time set aside to read.

To clean out your inbox every day you just have to clear out your inbox every day

Like losing weight, it is simple in concept, complex in execution. Here is one great tool I use to increase your emailing productivity and decrease the time you spend emailing.

Yesware – Templates and tracking for your email

Yesware is something I discovered fairly recently but can’t get enough of it. This fantastic service is a plugin for your browser and attaches to your gmail email. In it you can store all your most used email templates to save you time typing. Fantastic!

If you find you are writing similar things in your emails (such as customer enquiries etc) then you can just add a template through yesware and easily add it to your emails.

sproutspire yesware

But wait, it gets better. It also tracks your sent emails to tell you if the email has been opened and if any links in the email have been clicked! It also marks if the email has been replied to. You can set a reminder so that you can follow up on any emails that haven’t been replied to.

sproutspire yesware

You can immediately see how your emails are performing – important if you are cold canvassing! Then you know if you need to tweak your templates and emails accordingly.

sproutspire yesware 007

You can see where your email was opened at with what operating system or device.

sproutspire yesware 005

You can also see it visually on a map!

sproutspire yesware 006

You can set email goals with Yesware.
sproutspire yesware goals

You get 100 actions for free – an open and a click count as an action each,and only the first time the action is performed on an email is counted. Paid plans – with unlimited actions – start at $5 per user/month, so it really is quite affordable. You can also hook it up to your CRM such as Salesforce to combine the data. Full disclosure, if you sign up to Yesware (paid) using the links in this article, I get 100 extra tracking events.

sproutspire yesware 003

Yesware makes emailing fun! It certainly helps me clear out my inbox each day.

Do you clear out your inbox every day?

How many emails are sitting in your inbox right now waiting for something? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sergio Felix

Hey Carlie, I have a service for building websites for offline clients but right now I am not actively promoting it however, I may get back to it in the near future.

From what I’m seeing here Yesware would be a GREAT service for me to deal with clients and know if they are following or not with my instructions.

I use a tracking service (apart from the one inside AWeber) and tracking wouldn’t be a problem but the templates and the e-mail management (teams) feature looks awesome.

Thanks for the review, I added this to my must check out resources!




Hi Sergio,

Great ideas!

For me it is interesting to see how long it takes people to reply to emails from when they opened them. I am trying my hardest to follow my own rules and reply right away – makes me feel superior, haha!!



Stephen Malan

Thanks for this post! You should see my email inbox! Will be using your tips this week as my inbox is way out of control!

Thanks again!



No worries, let me know if you run into any problems!




Yesware seems great but it’s limited to Gmail.

I’m using Sanebox and it works great to move unimportant email out of the way.



Yes, sanebox looks great. I love Streak as well for having a CRM system inside your inbox.



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