How to Turn Your Blog Into Money By Creating Your Own Online Course

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Are you looking to make money from what you already know?

Do you want to grow your audience, and get some $$’s while doing it? Are you thinking that you can’t because you’re not an expert (you are), or are you overwhelmed by all that is involved (don’t be)?

Worry no more, because I have the answer to all your concerns; you can create a kick arse online course!

This post is a review of David Siteman Garland’s fantastic course “Create Awesome Online Courses” – which I have received early bird VIP access (which I paid for). I truely believe that this is a great course, which is why I am promoting it. The links in this post are affiliate links, but if you do purchase from my links I am offering some awesome gifts to say “Thank You!”. Keep on reading to find out why this course is so great

david That handsome guy to the left there is none other than David Siteman Garland, who you may know from his awesome podcast Rise To The Top.

Right now he is promoting his new FREE video series on How To Turn Your Blog (or other online platform) into Revenue by Creating Your Own Online Course.

You are creating amazing content and growing a crowd to your stuff, but you are probably wondering “How am I going to turn my blog into dollars?”

People try advertising and affiliates, but the way you are going to generate the most money is by selling your own stuff.

David says himself,

“The biggest shift in my business was when I launched ‘Create Awesome Interviews’, my big flagship course.”

– And David has a huge audience and a well established, highly popular podcast, and online courses was the greatest thing to happen to his business?! That just shows you how effective and popular courses are. He says it wasn’t just the revenue that changed his business, but also the impact of it from changing people’s lives by helping people get results.

By signing up to David’s free course you will gain access to the following three videos, which are chock full of so much information that you will be both inspired to create your own courses and have the direction of how to start, are on the following topics:

  • 5 steps to coming up with a course that SELLS
  • 7 “rookie online course mistakes” to avoid
  • The simple tools I use to create, promote & profit from online courses

Interested? Check out the course here. It is absolutely free, no obligation as I say, and it is fabulous, well worth it.

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Review Of Create Awesome Online Courses

After watching David’s awesome videos I knew I had to get his course. Why? Because he had already provided so much value to me from his free content. He had shown me things that I had not thought about, and had validated some of the thoughts, fears and insecurities that I had about releasing my own stuff.

One great example of this is the fact that David, himself, was unsure of pricing. He was unsure, and now he is the pro of online courses. It made me feel so much more assured that all the fears and doubts that I have about releasing my own stuff is a natural part of the process that even the big “stars” have gone through.

I agreed with what he said – that you should be positioning your product as a high end premium product, for many reasons.

To start off with, you are a pro and you are creating a valuable product that you should be compensated for. You are an expert that took you years to learn your skills, and here you are providing your knowledge so people can learn it in a fraction of the time. And there is also the fact by pricing it as an exclusive product you will get more quality customers; customers who are more likely to take action on what you are selling.

His free course was also a fantastic example of how to launch an online course. His videos show you exactly what you need to do, and then they over come any fears and objections that someone may have to signing up to the course. It is pure genius.

His awesome videos in his free course FORCED me to throw my money at him.

exclusive video

Above is a SNEAK PEAK of the login area. I blanked out the BONUS boxes so that you get a nice surprise as to what they are :)

If you love the free course, then you are going to love the premium section. In a nut shell there are 12 modules that take you through everything step by step. They are delivered through video, audio and pdf, so all your learning styles are covered. He breaks everything down into four simple phases:

  • Foundation
  • Recording and Editing
  • VIP Launch
  • Evergreen Launch

I have had access for a couple of hours and I am blown away. Already my creative juices are flowing and I have ideas coming out the wazoo on how to make my own ideas 10x better than they were before. Not only better, EASIER. What on earth was I thinking before?!

I am in love with it so much that I had to come out and write a review about it right away.

Who Is Create Awesome Online Courses For?

The course is designed for people who have an online platform – such as a blog, a podcast, a video blog, etc.

Who is it not for? In David’s own words – “It isn’t designed for folks that are just getting started, haven’t launched their platform, have a negative attitude or don’t want to put in the work. Simple as that.”

My Favourite Part

One of the bonus downloads! Which I am letting David spill the beans on, but basically it breaks everything down into such simple easy steps that the whole prospect of creating and launching an online course is no longer overwhelming. It almost makes me want to slap myself in the head and go

“Why was I making things so difficult for myself?”

As you can see I’m a raving fan already, and I am only fairly new to David and what he does.

Just Check It Out

Well, that was my offer, take it or leave it. I don’t mind. In any case, I believe that even if you are not intending to buy Create Awesome Online Courses, you should at least go check out the free videos that David provides. As I said earlier, if you are thinking about creating your own online courses in the future, then there is sooooo much information in those videos.

If you are ready to “punch dollars for hours” (as David says!) go check out the free course now!

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Sergio Felix

Hey Carlie, seems like a GREAT training to take besides David Garland’s rocks!

I just signed up with your links so I’ll be waiting for that little precious book of yours (if you decide to release it of course)

Thanks and talk soon!


Carlie Hamilton

Thanks Sergio, I hope you enjoy the course, it is really good



I’ve followed David for a while too but I can’t see a price on this anywhere. How much is it?


Amy H

Hi Carlie,

I like your review here of David’s free course; very cool and I’m wanting to get started in creating my own online course; however, where can I find out how to actually turn my written course material into an online course? Need tech help. Thank you!


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