Creating Three Months of Awesome Content In One Sitting

create in one sitting

There always comes that day when you know you need to blog something but you are blocked. You have no idea what to post about, and nothing really excites you.

Never fear! Today you are going to discover how to line up three months of posts (or more!) so that you never have to worry about what to write next again.

How Often To Post On Your Blog

One common question new bloggers have is how often should they post?

The biggest mistake I see is they start off writing every single day, get burnt out because they can’t keep up the momentum, and then fizzle out.

This is why I recommend you start with posting 2x a week.

At a bare minimum I would say once a week, although this really does depend on your market and your audience. Twice a month may be enough. I recommend at least once a week as it is enough to keep you in the minds of your audience. If you wait too long between posts you may lose your audience because they forget about you. Once a week is great, especially if you are consistent on the day when you post. This way people know “It’s Friday, I’m going to read Sally’s new post!”.

I recommend you start with two days a week because it is a good number to find your rhythm with. If you can’t do it, then just cut it back down to one (which will seem like a piece of cake after two). If you can sustain it for a while, bring it up to three or four.

All in all, post frequency doesn’t really matter. Just be consistent.

If, later, your priorities change within your business and you need to scale back or increase dramatically, let your audience know. Most will understand, but will feel alienated or even angry if you suddenly change your post frequency without warning. So when I say post count doesn’t matter, it doesn’t really, you just have to manage the expectations your audience has.

Quality over Quantity

The reason I say two times a week, apart from the commitment aspect of it, the more you post the more likely that your quality is going to lower.

Quality, when it comes to posts, is so much more important than quantity. There is so much mediocre stuff out there on the internet – be extraordinary and stand out! It doesn’t take that much more effort, honestly!

If at any time you feel like the quality of your posts are decreasing, then lower how often you post each week and spend more time on them. Period.

I believe when it comes to blogging consistency is key, not just in the frequency, but in the quality. Be consistently awesome and people are going to take notice!

Creating A 3 Month Plan

If you are going to post 2x a week, over three months you will need about 24 posts. I am sure you have more than 24 ideas swimming around in your head. Some of your ideas are probably crap, some brilliant, and the rest may need to be worked on. Some you will lose interest in, or some you will come up with even better ideas.

I record my ideas down in Evernote – in fact I have a whole notebook called “To Blog About”. I get my ideas from everywhere – reading other websites, talking to people about what problems they are having. I admit I have some pretty crazy wild ideas while in the shower, which often leads to me doing things like emailing crazy awesome people, and The Awesome Guide To Blogging. Blog From Zero To Awesome was developed on a bike ride.

To plan out three months (or more) worth of content, I use an awesome plugin called “WordPress Editorial Calendar”. This plugin is brilliant. To get it, just search for it in your plugins section of wordpress. Once you have activated it you will see it under Posts > Calendar.

From this view you can easily enter in your ideas for your blog posts. Just click on a day, add “New Post” and you can write in the title of the post. You can also easily drag and drop posts for new days.

editorial calendar

Decide what days you are going to post, such as every Monday and Thursday. Now, start scheduling your posts! They can be rough ideas at this stage, and your calendar will only be a guide. You can delete post ideas, add new ones when something pops up that is relevant. It is just a guide so, and so helpful for when you are having one of those days when you don’t know what you want to write about; just write what you had planned!

As you can see, you can easily add in three whole months of blog posts. As you come up with new ideas, add them in to the end of your calendar, or rearrange to make them closer. You can leave a whole heap of post ideas in the unscheduled section, but I find that if you have too much choice over what to post it doesn’t actually motivate you to post anything.

Re-purpose Your Content Across Different Platforms

As Pat Flynn says – Be Everywhere. (Within reason – be everywhere where you can do it well). Once you have created your content, it is easy to line it up on other platforms. How can you re-purpose your content across the different areas of the internet?

  • Make it into a video
  • Convert your video into audio
  • Create an image/graphic/infographic
  • Post it to social media (with an image specifically made for that medium)
  • Turn it into an ebook.
  • Create a presentation/slide show

Creating similar content in a single sitting is easy to do, helps you to seem like you are ‘everywhere’ and doing so much work. More people can connect with your work, as some people love video, some love audio, and others really love seeing it in a picture. More people will think that you are simply awesome!

Do You Plan Your Blog Posts In Advance?

Let me know in the comments your procedure for coming up with blog posts, writing and scheduling them! Generally I have a heap of ideas and I am trying to stay at least a week ahead, sometimes inserting time sensitive or my latest flash of brilliance in. I am working on building up three months of content – in fact when this post is published on my blog I hope to be there.

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Jan Koch

Hi Carlie,

thanks for sharing this great plugin, I just installed it
I’m also trying to post 2 times a week on my two blogs, but it’s pretty challenging. Not in regards to content – in fact I feel like I’m bursting with ideas – but due to lack of time.
My plan is to launch a weekly podcast that combines two blog posts into one episode, maybe that takes away the pressure.

But I’m not exactly planning the topics. I know what should come next, but I’m structuring the posts while writing, not in front of writing.

Best regards,


Jennifer Kennedy

I have planned out posts for the next 5 months, although, I keep going off of my calendar!
It has really helped me because I’m not fishing around for something to write about.
I love the plugin idea. I think I’ll check it out. Right now, I have them marked down on my google calendar.

My next order of business is try to write a few blog posts in chunks (i.e., all in one big ‘ol post writing marathon). I want to get into the habit of doing this instead of writing a post weekly.

Thanks for the reminder, Carlie!


Vicky Lyashenko

I absolutley LOVE this plug in! Thank you for sharing such valuable content!


Navid Moazzez

Hi Carlie,

Great post, thanks for sharing!

The WordPress Editorial Calendar is an awesome plugin, I have used it from day one since I launched my blog, but I need to become much better at planning a bit in advance so I know what I am going to write about. I’m trying to post around 2-3 times per week on my personal branded site, and also have another blog I’m launching really soon together with one of my mentors, so it’s quite challenging to get everything done.

I really need to start planning things out a bit more, to become more productive in order get everything done on time.

All the best,


Carlie Hamilton

Planning out my blog posts has made the whole process seem less overwhelming. It’s great. I have July’s posts covered now, – some I still have to write, but I know exactly what is going where, and I am actually ahead by two weeks (with a couple of little things I want to add). It feels great. I recommend it!!


Carlie Hamilton

The calendar is only a guide. I change my mind all the time. Google calendar is great too, but I love the ease of the scheduling etc with this plugin.

Chunking is what I also try to do, but I end up spending so much time on one post that mentally I need to move on to something else. So what I have been doing is spending a whole week writing. I didn’t do any meaningful marketing in the last week of June – I was writing a blog post each day!


Carlie Hamilton

Hi Vicky, thanks so much for visiting!

Yes, I love this plugin, it is great


Carlie Hamilton

I find it so much easier to be more productive with my blog posting now that I have this plugin installed, that is for sure. In fact, I increased the amount of times per week that I published posts (partly) because of it. In the end I have decided to reduce the amount I was posting because I felt I wasn’t getting enough time to really promote my posts.

So yes, a great plugin.

Thanks for commenting, Navid!!


Tim Bonner

Hi Carlie

I love the WordPress Editorial Calendar too.

I tried an experiment for a few weeks of writing 3 posts a week and it brought in a traffic increase of 12% that month.

I found that I couldn’t sustain it with looking after the kids though so it’s back to one a week for now until I have more time.


Sergio Felix

Hey Carlie, I tried that plugin before and I have to say it is AWESOME at what it does however I deleted it from my blog since I came up with some other way to work my blog posts.

What I normally do is write down my ideas on regular paper and have that by my desk, if I want to write a post, then I just pick any idea from there or write something that is happening at the moment, whatever I feel it’s best to share with my audience.

As you may or may not know, I actually had a posting frequency before but I started getting side tracked from it and my product’s content creation started suffering so I stopped that.

The approach I actually recommend for blog frequency is exactly what you are outlining here, plan in advance, jot ideas down and draft the articles if possible (I never did that myself but only because I’m very spontaneous and a bit unorganized too lol)

Great article Carlie, no wonder why you can come up with so amazing content in so little time, now I know your secrets!


Bill Farman

Great post Carlie.
I really need to grab that plugin. Being more organised is right at the top of my to-do list.

Thanks for the valuablet advice…

Now where’s that list.




Hey Carlie,

This is a great idea – I have a number of unfinished posts that are in the idea stage in my wordpress that are waiting to be written. I’ve put together editorial calendars like this for clients but, for myself – I prefer to just have a running list of ideas to pick and choose from depending on what I’m in the mood to write about.

To take this a step further, when you put an idea in the editorial calendar, create a short outline of what you want to write about so you don’t forget about it later. Then you can jog your memory with the main points you want to make and flesh it out from there.


Carlie Hamilton

I too tried 3 posts a week. I only tried it for two weeks, and there was a traffic increase. However, I felt like I didn’t have any time to really promote my posts, and I felt like engagement went down. When I have more traffic, I think that it wont be such a big deal, but right now I really need to focus a bit more on driving traffic, rather than creating content.


Carlie Hamilton

I’ll have to show you some time the amount of paper on my desk. I definitely write down my ideas and a lot of my blog posts I map out on paper. I really love this plugin for seeing clearly when things will be published, see the flow of things. And I love that I can move around posts easily and quickly.

Glad to share my secrets!


Carlie Hamilton

Thanks for visiting Bill!

I am a bit of an expert at being “organised” in my mess. When my mum looks at my desk she cries that she has failed as a mother, but I really am quite an organised person, even if it doesn’t look like I am!!

To do lists – get on trello!


Carlie Hamilton

I swear I had responded to this, but I guess I forgot to press post? Arg!

But yes, this is what I actually do, most of the time. I usually generate ideas on paper (I think well with paper), and then add them in to the calculator with some notes.


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