Interview with Passionate David Siteman Garland


CAOC_Vertical-Ad_v3 I feel really excited today – I got my first interview!

I was planning on starting with someone who I am friends with or someone I’ve been interacting with more online so that I would be more relaxed and if I made lots of mistakes it wouldn’t matter as much. But I took a chance, and asked David Siteman Garland for an interview.

Oh, and I cheated, I just did a written one not a live one!

My reason for a written interview was that I knew he was in “launch mode” for his new course, Create Awesome Online Courses.

So, I sent through five short questions in the hope that he would find some time for little me. In fact, I wasn’t really expecting that he would get back to me and I wouldn’t really mind, because I know that things would be CRAZY right now for him, and there are probably bigger fish out there to help him promote his course.

The reason things would be CRAZY is that his course opens tomorrow (18th June 2013, although it is already that date in Australia), and I can tell you now – the VIP package is only available until the 27th June.

But enough about Create Awesome Online Courses, let’s get into the interview!!


Describe yourself in 5 words or less

Passionate about helping mediaprenuers

What made you start your first online course, “Create Awesome Interviews?”

Like many mediapreneurs/personal brands, I struggled for a bit finding the perfect way to BOTH help people and generate massive revenue. I did one-on-one coaching and speaking which was great, but not scalable. I even had a traditional publishing deal and a big book launch, which had great impact and helped a lot of people but didn’t generate huge revenue. After thousands of hours of research and interviews with the top folks out there, I realized that having a flagship online course was sort of the best of both worlds situation. I could do a ton of work up front on a subject I could teach people and then get paid for over and over again AND that program could have huge impact by getting people results (and that is what this business is all about…getting people results and sharing your advice).

The #1 question I was getting from my audience was how to create their own interview show. Everything from getting the guests to building an audience. I knew that is where I had a ton of experience and credibility.


Fast forward to now…that course has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and has resulted in hundreds and hundreds of people creating their own shows.

That makes me a proud papa.

What was the biggest mistake you made when creating or promoting that course?

I did a VIP launch which was awesome, but then after the VIP launch I really didn’t have a plan for ongoing sales. Like, how do I sell this after the launch? Remember, launches are great, but what happens after the launch is the difference between a once-a-year business and a business that makes money 24/7. Thankfully I was able to figure out a strategy (after much trial and error) and now sales are happening on auto pilot.

What’s your no. 1 tip for not coming across as sleezy when promoting your stuff?

Education is the best form of marketing and don’t be afraid to give away your very, very best tips. People are scared to teach their best stuff to people for free in fear that then they won’t buy the course. That is SO not true and in fact the opposite. The more you can giveaway, the more you will sell. So, when I’m promoting something, I do free webinars and free video series. At the end, folks are given a non-pushy option to buy and take the next step. Simple.

Any last words – something that SproutSpire viewers should know about your new course or anything else?

Don’t be afraid if their are similar courses on the market. In fact, that is a GOOD thing. People want your unique perspective and experience and if there are other successful products that simply means there is a market for you and that is a good thing! There are many ways to stick out from the pack from how you teach to how you package your course.


There you have it! Great stuff :) Thanks David, you’re a legend!

Check out more about Create Awesome Online Courses and my review of it.

Also, a shout out to Randy, David’s father, who is featured in the picture above. He is rocking customer service for Create Awesome Courses.

Full Disclosure: I am promoting Create Awesome Online Courses with my affiliate link, so I make a commission if you purchase from my link. However, I paid for the course myself and I recommend it highly, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it at all. I thank you whole heartedly if you decide to support SproutSpire, oh and check out my review where I also talk about some ad-ons I’m happy to give to you if you purchase.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my first interview!

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Thanks for sharing this interview Carlie. I think the main thing I took away from it was to not be afraid of sharing your best content for free, because that will only translate into more sales. Looking forward to more interviews!


Carlie Hamilton

Hi Leighton,

Thanks for stopping by.

I completely agree with you, and it is something I am actively trying to implement in my business.

I am glad you enjoyed the interview. I have had a quick look at your website and I have put your podcast on my to-listen list!

– Carlie



Awesome, thanks for checking out my site and podcast! I just signed up for your mailing list and I’m looking forward to reading your ebook.



Hi Charlie! Your interview with David is superb. I liked it,there were many points that are hard to swallow for a newbie. It is really nice to read your biography in the about page. One thing I’d like to say you look gorgeous with black dress standing under a tree. Continue to smile forever. Best regards.



Wow Carlie,
Thanks for this awesome guy, I liked his tip on letting people know the best secrets they know. Most of the people who are successful keep the best to them and give the poor quality tips to their readers but I liked this guys attitude. Transparency is good for of gaining trust and I agree with David.
– Vijesh


Carlie Hamilton

Thanks for signing up. Let me know what you think, I would love to improve it.


Carlie Hamilton

Thanks for taking the time to have a look through my website. I am happy that you like my photograph, but here’s a tip – better to focus more on what I say than how I look.


Carlie Hamilton

I agree highly that transparency is important, so I try and be as transparent as possible. David is great, I enjoy reading everything that he does.

Thanks for stopping by again, Vijesh.


Navid Moazzez

Hi Carlie,

Awesome interview, I am a big fan of the Rise to the Top and everything David does. Create Awesome Interviews is the best course out there for anyone looking to start a show online, I bought the course a while ago, and need to find some time to go through all the modules since I’m looking to start my own show/podcast as well soon.

Btw I just signed up to your email list, looking forward to read your book and hearing more from you soon

Best regards,


Carlie Hamilton

I look forward to hearing your podcast, that sounds exciting!!

I saw that you signed up for my email list. I hope you like it on there, I try to always provide value with every email.


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