How To Grow Your Blog’s Audience – Tips from the Great Bloggers that You’d Be Silly to Ignore

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You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been around here lately. I took some time off to get married, then enjoy being married, then because of holidays, and then suddenly it is almost half way through February. What? Where did that time go?

The point is that I haven’t been around but I’m back (most likely slowly) and ready to start blogging again. And part of blogging is that I don’t want to just sing to an empty audience (well, to be honest it is probably better if I do sing to an empty audience, I’m a terrible singer). I want to reach an audience so that they can hear my message and join in this journey with me.

This has lead me to read some great advice lately on growing your blog’s audience that I just had to share what everyone has been saying. These are lessons from the top people publishing blogs today, so you know you are getting top-notch advice – and all in one handy location (here!). Read on to see how to grow your blog’s audience today.

Pat Flynn’s Really Quick Blogging Tips

Pat Flynn is huge in blogging right now, and has recently shared his top tips that are really quick to implement.

One of his tips is to start with a story. He has been observing his blog posts and he finds that articles that start off with a story have a much lower bounce rate.

Starting with a story is a great way to connect with your audience, and it also helps you stand out from the crowd. While your content may be done before, your unique stories will differentiate you as your stories will be unique to you.

Stories are also a great tool to show an example of how what you are saying can be applied, or even as an example as to why someone should take your advice. It can be a powerful way to see your point in action. For instance, in my article about Mastering Your Mindset, I talk about my own personal blogging journey, and what has let me down in the past. In this post I talk about the Blog Success Wheel, and the inevitable way to make sure you succeed in blogging and use my own personal experience to show how it can be applied.

Noah Kagan’s Tips on Growing Your Blog Quickly

In Noah Kagan’s post about how he grew his blog to 100,000 visitors in a year, he talks about how he researched what other people were doing, saw what was working best, and worked out how he could do it better.

In his niche he found that evidence based blogging worked best for him. I dare say that evidence based blogging would work well in most niches. This means that instead of talking about it, he would show proof of what he was talking about. The easiest way is to talk statistics, but other great ways are to show images or videos of proof. It doesn’t have to be proof that it is what you’ve done either. One of my earlier posts on this blog was about Front Page Opt-ins. While I did have an image of my personal results, I also presented what other top people in my niche were doing, which added credibility to what I was talking about. That particular post was a very popular post when my blog was first starting out.

Another tip from Noah is to write longer posts. Anyone can write a 200 word blog post, but writing longer posts takes time. Apart from standing out that way, it also gives google more opportunities to display your page for more things.

In any case, this does seem to be working well for me. My second top viewed page is How To Make Your Website SEO Friendly.

Top pages

It is also my post with the highest word count:

top page word count

So while it may not be the only reason this post is doing well, it does show that you shouldn’t be afraid of posting larger posts.

Coppyblogger’s Tips On Being Found

You are already creating awesome content. Of course you are! I have faith that my readers are doing that 😉 But you are looking on getting more traffic to your awesome content.

In Coppyblogger’s latest article I think the most important point is not to be a clone. Your stuff needs a unique voice. That voice is you!

Don’t play it safe and just do what everyone else is doing. Be different and stand out. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion. Yes, you will alienate those people, but honestly do you really want those people around? Even though you will lose some people, what you will gain are more dedicated people. People who will keep coming back to you because they love to read what you have to say. In a blog, your unique voice is what sets you apart from your peers. So use it!

What Great Advice Have You Heard Recently?

Share your audience-growing tips in the comments below. Or, share some bad advice! What didn’t work for you and why?

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