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Guest Posts – A-Z of Growing Your Business Online

This month I’m taking the alphabet and giving you tips from each letter on how to grow your business online. Today’s letter is G for Guest Post.

By posting content on other people’s websites, you help your business by:

  • Establishing your Expertise
  • Grow your Exposure
  • Generate New Leads

Here’s how you get yourself onto other people’s websites.

Find Where You Want To Guest Post

Remember, you want to expose yourself to your new potential audience, not your peers. Make a list of potential websites that you would like to be featured on. I use a spreadsheet to track the places I aim to have a guest post on. If the website has guest posting guidelines, I will write down the general details, as well as contact details.

The easy way to find somewhere to guest post is to go to good old google, and search for your keyword + “guest post”.

Create Your Pitch

Create a list of post ideas that you can draw from (I keep these in the same spread street).

The next step is to contact the owner of the website and pitch what you want to write about. Draw an idea from your spreadsheet that will work on the website you wish to post on. Remember, you will be writing for their audience.

Here’s a letter I have written that has gotten me a guest gig. It doesn’t have to be flowery. I just got right to the point:

Hi Matthew,

My name is Carlie, and I’m from http://www.sproutspire.com

I would love to pitch a guest post to you. It is called “How to write a blog post when you don’t feel like it”

It will cover
* batch processing
* recording ideas
* loving what you do to get over the hump

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,


This was the letter that got me my first guest posting gig – How To Write A Blog Post When You Don’t Feel Like It. Basically I emailed the title, and what I would write in it. Easy.

Write Your Post

Once you have been accepted, write and submit your post. This part depends on the guidelines of the place you are submitting. If they have no guidelines, just align your posts with what is currently on the website of your choice. Write to a similar length to what is currently being published, and include images if that is the norm. If there are no guidelines, write your post into a word document or similar, and send it through.

You will also need to write an author profile. Highlight who you are, what you do, and a link back to your website.

Guest Post

So, get out there and guest post today! I keep a list of all the places I’ve guest posted at here – I update it monthly. I also plug in my guest posts into my editorial calendar, to keep track of where my content is during the month.

Have you guest posted yet? Get yourself out there today. Let us know about how guest posting has helped your business in the comments below :)

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There are 6 comments .

Jennifer Kennedy

Oh man! This came just in time! I’ve been saying to myself that I need to guest post, but haven’t really built up the nerve to do so!! I need to get over that real quick!

It’s actually my goal for this month — to pitch 3-4 guest posts!

Yay! Thanks for the inspiration, Carlie!

Reply »
Gilbert Samuel

I guessed right, I knew letter G is definitely going to be guest post.

Thanks for the tip, I just submitted a guest post today and it has been scheduled.

The fact is that guest posting is one of the hardest strategy but the best traffic generation strategy ever. I’m glad I’m learning new things from Sproutspire, keep it up Carlie.

Reply »
    Carlie Hamilton —

    Great guess, Gilbert! Congrats on the guest post. I have a few more scheduled for this month as well. Looking forward to seeing your guest posts!

    Reply »
Jan Koch

Hi Carlie,

I totally agree with you that guest posting is really important!
Actually I’ll be starting to let a very few selected people to start guest posting on my blog and I’m curious how it will turn out 😉

Best regards

Reply »
    Carlie Hamilton —

    I hope you have some success with allowing guest posts. I, of course, would love to be a part of that! Will get your guest post to you soon :)

    Reply »

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