How To Create A Landing Page In WordPress

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This article will be a little bit technical, and will require editing code and ftp. If that freaks you out, then I suggest outsourcing.

Do you want more leads? Are you wanting to create a landing page for your website but don’t know how?

There are plugins out there that do this, but there is an easy and quick way to create landing pages for your website.

Landing pages are great for one-purpose pages where you want your visitor to do one specific thing and not get distracted by menus and sidebars. Hubspot have a website grader, and in it they say –

Businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages get 7X more leads than those with only 1 to 5.

and –

Businesses with more than 40 landing pages get 12X more leads than those with only a few landing pages.

I guess the message they are trying to say is use landing pages!!

Some themes come with landing pages, but mine didn’t. No worries, I created my own. Here is how.

Create a Landing Page

Step One

Go to Appearance > Editor. Here you will see the templates for your current theme. There you can check out what page templates you have in your theme.

landing page get template 1

You can also check them out when you are making a new page.


Most themes have a page that is full width. That’s the page you want to get from your server to your hard drive. Use your ftp to save that page to your hard drive. Then, save it as something else.

Create a Landing Page

Step Two

Open that document up in your editor of choice.

Name your new page up the top.

landing page name

What I did was use Firebug for Firefox or Inspect Element in Chrome on one of my full-width pages that I had published on my website. I found my menu, made it display how I wanted (in my case I got rid of the links and made the black bit up the top 10px). I also made my footer not display. I copied the new CSS over to my template, saved, and then uploaded back to my themes folder in WordPress.

Create a Landing Page

Step Three

You are done! Now when you create a new page you can select your landing page.

landing page

Now you can start creating your 40+ landing pages specifically for all your audiences!!

If this is too technical for you, I have a review of an easy plugin that you can use coming up soon.

Do You Use Landing Pages?

Do you have landing pages on your website? How many do you have? Do you feel they are working well for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tim Bonner

Hey Carlie

That’s a really cool tutorial, thank you.

I use the Pagelines framework which means I can drag and drop elements of the page around and create templates.

It also has a handy Landing Page section too. It helps because I’m not great with CSS yet. I learned a little but in my hands it could end up in disaster!


Sergio Felix

Hey Carlie, great article on landing pages!

In my case I refused for a while in using landing pages but mostly because I thought there was nothing I could share that was worth it.

Now I really see the power of list building and landing and squeeze pages are a must in internet marketing.

For this I normally use Optimize Press but since their landing pages are really popular (I think) people have become a bit blind to their landing pages design now.

I’ve also used HTML with great results and Premise although I haven’t used this one that much.

The fact of the matter is that technology isn’t really the focus here, everyone needs landing pages for their online business whether they are in Internet Marketing or any other niche, since this is the nitty gritty of engaging your audience and customers.



Carlie Hamilton

If you are a business, then a one-goal landing page is a must. You are right, it’s not really about the technology – the post here is an easy way that you can do it for free if you know a little bit about html. Once you have the tool, you have no excuse not to use it!!

Thanks as always for the great comment, Sergio


Carlie Hamilton

It’s great what a lot of templates can do these days. I come from a time from before there was all these premium themes about. I love a lot of the features that these premium themes have, but at the same time I feel like a lot of these features don’t give me as much control as I would like, so I love to hack my themes to get them to do exactly what I want them to do.



Yes, that was too technical for me! You have anything less technical?



Please can you make available the complete CSS file you re uploaded?




Thanks for this article, I tried various plug-in withotu much luck and then founf this way to create land page templates… it saved me lot of time!


Chris Lines

Hi, Great article. I’m new to this – am I right in thinking if your theme of choice doesn’t have a landing page choice you have to create one like this?

I want to strip out the page navigation from my theme – what do I need to do and is there a walk through of exactly how you copy the code from Inspect Element and which editor to use etc?

Failing that, can I just buy a landing page?



Kristin Duncan

Does a landing page necessarily have to target a specific call-to-action? Or is it more to target specific keywords. For example, I am a Calgary newborn photographer primarily, but also do maternity photography, family photography and wedding photography, so I want to create a landing page for each search term. Would this be a good idea?


Carlie Hamilton

I would think of it as what is the purpose of your landing page? If it is to attract your customers, you still want a call-to-action, or something that you want them to do when then land on your page. Having separate and targeted landing pages can be a good idea if that is what you want.


neon emmanuel

Have got many question about landing pages, how do users get to view my landing page, azin how would people see it, would my landing page become home page? …. Y should I have a landing page… I need answers please


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