How To Create Awesome Content

How To Create Awesome Content

ID-10057612 You want your blog to be like a big sturdy tree – something that lasts the test of time. The first step in creating this kind of blog is to have strong roots that will bury themselves deep within the ground, providing your tree with stability.

OK, I’ll jump off the tree metaphor now. What I am saying is that in order for your blog to have a strong foundation, you need to create some awesome content that:

  • answer your audience’s core questions;
  • be posts that people will want to link to;
  • should bring in traffic from search engines.

As such, they are essential to your blog. These will be the cornerstone of you blog.

How Do You Create Root Posts?

Now, there is no exact formula for creating these kinds of posts. One piece of advice is to check out other blogs in your niche (and outside your niche!) to get some ideas. You can explore what kinds of posts seem to do very well, and which ones don’t.

While there is no formula, there are certain kinds of posts that often do very well.

How To Articles

With these kinds of articles you want to answer a question that your audience is asking. These posts often do well in Google as everyone is always searching “how do I …”. If you want to create a truly awesome how to article, offer a way of doing something that is different than what everyone else is saying. Another great way to add value is to add video to show your users how to do it.

A video can be highly valuable in a how-to post

What Is Article

This kind of post provides a definition of something in your niche. A what-is is great for explaining a complicated concept in order to break it down so your audience can understand. My “what is a bounce rate” article is a great example of this kind of post.

Create Free Guides or Courses

People love downloading free guides and courses. Create a free guide that people can download. You can also start delivering free courses that you can deliver over a period of time by capturing people’s email addresses and sending out auto responders. This post itself is part of my free course on creating an awesome blog!

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By structuring your posts as lists they are easy to scan, making them popular. You lists could be “top…” or “most…”, but it is also great to think outside the box and create lists that haven’t been done before. I am sure you can come up with some better ideas than these quick ones I’m throwing out there – “101 quotes from the top people in your niche on topic“. Or create an actionable list of things to do; “50 ways you can burn calories right now”; “10 steps to improve your handwriting”.


Posts that compare two things are popular in searches. In one of my other blog sites, I used to have a “smackdown” every month, where I would compare two things, and then get my viewers to vote to decide the final outcome.


A really in depth review of a product or service is highly valuable. If you can take it to the next level of other reviewers and incorporate videos, behind the scenes, images, and more, so people can feel like they really know or understand the product to make an informed decision on if they want to buy it themselves.

What Should You Write About?

Think about your audience – what do they want to see when they come to your blog? Why would they read your post?

The key is that you should be solving problems that your audience has. A great way to discover what your audience wants is to ask them! Tweet it out or send out an email an ask them. You can also look at what people are searching for when they come to your blog. You reader is looking for something when they come to your blog. What is that? Once you know, writing content becomes easy!

A great way to find out what your audience wants is to ask them. It doesn’t get simpler than that! You can straight out ask them on your blog, or send them to a survey that you have created so they can post anonymously.

Basic Structure Of A Blog Post

This is the basic structure of successful blog posts out there.


Write a headline that captures your reader’s attention and sets them up for what the article will be about.

Intro: Get The Audience To Care

Here you introduce the problem you are solving, and tell the readers why they should pay attention and care about this problem. Get them curious.

The Background

Here you want to define what the problem is. Give it a background. Tell them why this is a problem. Tell your story of how this problem has affected you.


Provide the solution to the problem.


Sum up your article. Provide a memorable quote at the end. Ask a question to get engagement, or direct the reader as to where they should go or what they should do next.

How should you write your posts?

  • Your content should be skimmable. Break them up with headlines, bolding text, adding lists.
  • Length doesn’t matter, as long as your posts are powerful and useful. Write as many words as you need to
  • Your language should be aimed at your audience. Don’t use jargon. You should be conversational in tone.

How Often Should You Post?

The answer to this question is dependent on you and your blog. If you are writing a news-type blog, then maybe several posts a day is optimal. For most blogs, that many posts will be too much. You will overwhelm your readers, make them feel guilty that they can’t keep up, and will not come back.

Posting too much can be a problem, the same goes for two little. If you post infrequently people will think you are inconsistent and don’t update, and so wont come back. At a minimum I would suggest at least once a week.

The most important thing to consider is how often can you consistently write without dropping your quality? You don’t want to commit to writing 3 posts a week when 2 of those posts are just fluff/crap.

When many new bloggers start blogging they are so excited they pump out a new blog post every day. I don’t recommend that, I believe you should go the other way. Commit to 1-2 posts a week. If, after a period of time, you find that you can easily keep up with this kind of schedule and still create awesome content, then add another day or two to your schedule.

What if you can’t write well?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Most people who are awesome at something do two things: they learn from the masters, and they practise.

Get out there and study what the leaders in your niche do. And then write. It’s as simple as that.

The Most Important Thing About Creating Awesome Content

Most new bloggers are concerned about how long their posts should be and how often they should post. That doesn’t matter when it comes to creating awesome content. .

Make sure you put your readers first. Get into the mind of your audience. What are their problems, and what gets them excited? Now, how can you help them, solve their problems and encourage them to live the life that they want?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you can make a memorable impact on their lives through your content.

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