How to get traffic to your blog


How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

These days you can’t just build a website and expect people to find it, no matter how good it is. People are only going to find you if you get out there.

Look at all your favourite bloggers. They are everywhere, and they aren’t just commenting on other people’s blogs. They are writing guest posts, they are being interviewed on other podcasts. They are making videos on youtube and they are writing ebooks. They are constantly networking and seeking new opportunities.

They are everywhere. If you want your website to be as successful as theirs, you have to get out there and market your blog.

Now, don’t get overwhelmed and hide under your bed. You can start off slowly, discover methods that work well for you and your blog, and eventually your blog will reach a tipping point where building more traffic gets easier and easier.

Ways to Drive Traffic

In general there are five ways to drive traffic to your website.

  • Buy Traffic
  • Search Engines
  • Get Other People’s Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Creating ‘Viral’ Content

Let’s look at each of these in depth:

Buy Traffic

You can purchase traffic. Two of the most popular methods are to purchase ads through Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads. You can drive a lot of traffic to your blog by using this method, but it costs you money. The best use of this method is if you have a specific action that you want your traffic to take, such as sign up for your email newsletter or to purchase an ebook. That way you can measure your return on investment. It is generally not a good idea to do it just for traffic in itself, it is a bit of a waste of money. But, if you have a product for people to purchase this can be a great method of generating traffic – and hopefully your awesome blog will keep them around.

Search Engines

Search engines are a great way to generate a lot of traffic over a long period of time. Buying ads is a short term strategy; SEO is a long term investment for your blog. As your blog grows bigger with more and more posts, search engines will start picking up on your keywords and display them in their results. I have another post on setting up your blog for SEO success, as well as an in depth article on Google Webmaster Tools which allows you to monitor how people are finding your site through search engines.

Get Other People’s Traffic

With this method you are effectively “borrowing” other people’s traffic that they already have. The beginner stage of this method is guest posting. Guest posting can be a highly effective method of getting new people to your website. Some advanced ways of getting other people’s traffic is through affiliate marketing – they promote you and your product on their blog in return for a cut of the profit that they give you; and joint ventures where you partner up with someone on a combined project.

Social Media

Social media channels have the ability to reach a wide range of people who may or may not already be following you. Twitter and Facebook are among the most popular; I also include forums in this section. You can generate a lot of traffic by providing fantastic help on forums with only a link in your signature back to your blog. In fact, this is one of the ways I initially got a ton of traffic with my previous blog in the Japanese Language niche, so I recommend it highly.

Create ‘Viral’ Content

Everyone seems to be trying to create the next viral content. My advice is don’t. One thing about viral content is that it is widely popular one day and gone the next. The second point is that everything else you do after is not going to come close to comparing to the success of the first.

Instead, focus on highly shareable content, and focus on content that is your ‘roots’ that will last the test of time. This is your best bet, and if it is good people will share, link back and spread it.

Remember: you can generate a whole heap of traffic, but if your content isn’t awesome, they aren’t going to stay.

Traffic Is People

Don’t lose site of the fact those numbers hitting your website are actual people. They are individuals.

What you want to be doing is communicating with them, and the more communication channels that you open, the more traffic you are going to get. Take time to build relationships, nurture them and build trust.

Ultimately it is going to be people that are going to give you the most traffic by partnering with you, by sharing your stuff, and giving you opportunities to promote your stuff. So your no. 1 goal should be to build relationships.

Trial And Error

Finding the best traffic generation methods can be a bit of trial and error. Some things work well for some people but not others.

I would see what the successful people are doing in your niche to get ideas, then see what works for you. Try them out, but ultimately don’t waste your time on methods that don’t work for you. Choose the methods that do work and optimize them so that you can get the most out of them.

What Can I Do To Get Traffic To My Blog?

If you are looking for a whole bunch of tried and tested ways of generating traffic to your blog, then you are in luck. I have created an ebook with over 20 ways you can market your website. To get your free copy just enter your email address in the thingy below. I will also sign you up to my awesome email list where I send out exclusive information not published any where else.



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