How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media

stop wasting time social media

It is so easy to get sucked into social media, and before you know it, hours have passed. I’m going to show you how to stop wasting time on social media.

Previously I’ve talked about what types of content you should be posting on social media, and what not to do with social media. In this post we are going to make sure that you aren’t wasting time with your social media efforts for you business.

Are You Active With Your Social Media?

Ask yourself, are you being active or passive when you use social media?

If you are just consuming social media, that is, you are just reading it, then you are probably wasting your time.

If you are actively participating, then you are less likely to be wasting your time.

The first step to know if you are wasting time or not.

Not all active participation is created equal. You have to make sure that what you are doing is moving you towards what you want to get out of social media (your goals and objectives). But, it can sometimes not immediately be apparent if what you are doing is moving you towards your goals. So, first evaluate if you are spending time actively or passively. If you are being passive, then you are definitely not moving towards your goals.

Automate your social media.

I am not saying that all your social media interactions should be automated. I am an advocate for the social side of social media. But much of your core social media strategy is stuff that you can automate.

Some important core things that you can automate include:

Building Rapport
  • Showing behind the scenes
  • Showing your team
  • Showing your workplace
Increasing Sales
  • Upcoming sales
  • New products
  • Best sellers
Become an Authority
  • Link to relevant articles
  • Link to your own content
Collect Feedback
  • Ask questions
  • Link to surveys

The great thing about scheduling is that you can plan it along side of your editorial and business calendar. Got a new product coming out? Well, you want your social media accounts to start teasing about it in the weeks before to build buzz.

The other great thing about scheduling is that it actually takes up less time thanks to batch processing, and you can choose the amount of time you want to spend on getting it out. Why not put aside 1 hour a week to schedule a week’s worth of posts (you might not need that long). Set your time and schedule up your posts. When your time is up, move on to something else.

Create A Set Amount Of Time For Social Media

Depending on your strategy, make a decision on how long each day you want to spend on social media.

The important thing here is to work out how much time you want to devote each day on social media, and stick to it.

It is important to not forget the social side of social media, as this is a powerful aspect of it. However, as a small business owner, your time is valuable. You have to prioritise. If you decide that you want to spend 15 mins a day, but that isn’t enough time to respond to everyone who interacts with you on social media you have to do one of two things – stop because your time up. Or, re-evaluate and decide that it is valuable to increase the amount of time you spend on social media.

If social media is your main marketing source for your business, don’t be ashamed to spend a decent amount of time on social media; just make sure that you are being active and you are undertaking activities that move you towards your goals. If you are doing this, even if you are spending 3 hours or more on social media, you aren’t wasting your time.

If you don’t want to get carried away with social media, remember to pick a time, stick to it, and if you find yourself being too passive then move on to another activity because your social media is done for the day.

This is what I recommend; adjust to your own personal situation:

  • One hour once a week to set up your automation. This time includes creating social media specific images and content
  • 15 minutes per week day to interact with others – replying to people who talk to you, and taking time to comment on other’s

The End Of Time Suck On Social Media

If you have a set amount of time, suddenly you must use your time wisely. No longer are you going to social media and suddenly hours later realise you have nothing done. With only 15 minutes, you have to have a plan and you have to stay active. Not only do you stop wasting time, you probably get more done in 15 minutes than what you used to do in the hours previously.

No more wasting time, and now you will be more focused on what you need to get done in that time. Then you can move on to all the other stuff that needs to get done.

Let me know in the comments below what you do to stop keep focused on social media.

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Cody Stevenson

Great article, Carlie! This is something I battle with all the time. I have the attention span of a dog trying to choose which tennis ball to chase.

Next thing I know I am cruising around in a social media world and not actually getting anything done… however I did just find this post of yours on Twitter


Jennifer Kennedy

My social media interaction is haphazard at best.

I have no plan and just get on whenever I have a free moment. That usually means I get sucked down a black hole of hashtags and trends.

I like the idea of creating a plan and setting specific time to dedicate to SM posting. I’ll probably start off small and tack on a few minutes to automate posts once I finish writing my weekly post. Thanks for the tips!

I’ve used Hootsuite in the past, but may give Buffer a try.


Carlie Hamilton

Hi Cody,

Thanks for commenting!

It can be really hard to stay focused, I know that first hand! If you are using social media to promote your business (opposed to, say, having fun and connecting with friends) then you really want to make sure you are being productive and following your goals, otherwise it is a bit of a waste of time!


Carlie Hamilton

I use both Hootsuite and Buffer. Buffer is great – Whenever I’m reading other people’s stuff I usually load it up into buffer to retweet. Takes no time at all, I love it.


Gilbert Samuel

I use both tweetdeck and tweetadder to automate my tweets but before I started using it, I noticed that I spend more time on twitter, not just twitter alone.

what do you think about tweetadder and tweetdeck have you used them?

I’ll give hootsuit a try and see if it’ll help my blog.
Great article


Carlie Hamilton

I haven’t tried either, sorry Gilbert. For the moment Hootsuite does everything I need, and I can see that I can use it more in the future. So that’s why I use Hootsuite.


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