Second Month in Business

June Feature

What a month! My previous month’s wrap up – the First Month Of Marketing My Website – is the 2nd most popular post on my website from last month. The response was huge, so many people tweeted it out and commented. Thank you for your support. I am not sure if this month will be as popular, it is now the second month which isn’t as impressive or exciting as my first.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue this series, but as the month went on I found myself thinking about how I could include things in the post, and eventually I started a draft and have been slowly adding to it all month. I want to be transparent and open about what I’ve been doing for you, my audience, but also so I can go back, reflect, and see how far I’ve come (or not!). I have learnt many things this month and so I hope you will get something out of it as well.

Let Go

One thing that is embarrassing to say is at the very start of June I got laid off my job. The small company I was working for decided to close. It was such bad timing. I am getting married in September, and we are hoping to buy a house as soon as possible.

Yes, I will get more from this business that will far outweigh (both money wise and mind wise) what any job would give me, but I’m not ready for that yet. Not now!

OK, so there may never be a good time for this kind of thing, but I feel terrible that I am trying to get my business established and I am eating into our wedding and home fund.

To be honest I’ve been up and down emotionally all month. Not a crazy, emotional wreck, but more some days I feel positive, like I can make my business explode RIGHT NOW! Other moments, I feel a bit sad that I have to be looking for a new job when what I really enjoy focusing on is my business. I really enjoy working for SproutSpire.

I’m not trying to be pushy, but I want to remind people that if you do find my website helpful and are looking for some assistance with your website, I am available to hire. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to help you take your website to the next level. The more money I make with SproutSpire, the more time I can dedicate to making this website even more awesome for you.

Pat Flynn’s Gift Voucher

Speaking of getting let go, I won an Amazon voucher from Pat Flynn as part of his Let Go Day celebration. I received it because of this comment that I left –

pat flynn comment

One thing I want to note is I have received a steady, yet small, stream of incoming traffic from this comment (low bounce rate too!). I believe it is because around me I have a lot of people who don’t have a gravatar, combined with the fact that this is a highly trafficked website. Comment, stand out, and you will get some traffic!

So now I have a $20 gift card – I want to buy a book for my kindle, but don’t know what to get. Please leave a comment telling me what book I should get!

Traffic And Marketing

I thought I would share some of the ways that I have been marketing my blog this month and the traffic it has generated. It is not break though traffic, but I want to be transparent on what I have been doing – so that when I am a huge hit in a couple of years (months?!) you can all come back and see what I did.


One thing I did was I created a blog post on front page opt-ins and in it I mentioned a lot of really awesome people out there that are at the top of their game. What I did was email, tweet, and anyway I could contact these people to ask them to tweet out my page.

dan norris


amy porterfield

A lot of them did, and the result was a lot of traffic straight to my page. Great news right?

20 june

The result was a huge bounce rate, no comments/interaction, no opt-ins. Ha! But, I got more eyeballs to my page, so the next time these people see me around they will be more inclined to listen and stay. Getting new leads can be a long, slow process after all. (My analytics of choice is Clicky!)

Guest Blogging

I wanted to do a fair amount of guest blogging this month, but decided instead to focus on content creation, with a goal to push more in July. I have actually submitted a few more guest posts, but they haven’t been published. So for July, I have one guest post.

The Untold Reason why you’re not making money from your blog

You have a blog and you’ve written a heap of content. You’ve got your affiliate links neatly nested within and Google Adsense in the spots that are said to be the best places to get clicks. But, every time you open your earnings dashboard you sigh. You pay your kids more in pocket money to do a terrible job of stacking the dish washer. Seem familiar? What’s wrong? You thought this was supposed to be easy, passive money!
Read More…

Klout Score

Yeah, I don’t really put much clout in Klout, but an upwards trend is good. Does anyone care about Klout? (I got some free business cards with another twitter account of mine, but didn’t get them because they were going to have the Klout logo on them. Anyone actually gotten anything useful?) Eh, Klout out.

Social Media

I have focused again this month on Twitter. I am seeing some great results with twitter – interaction, engagement, click through, conversions. It’s all good. I admit that it can be easy to fall in to the trap of “more = better” but then I remind myself that what I want are quality followers on Twitter who want to hear what I have to say.

I have some great interactions on Twitter each day, so I am happy to continue to focus on Twitter.

Facebook has been growing steady as well, but I have only put in a token amount of focus there. I will probably start to focus more on Facebook in the future, but right now twitter is my friend. It is my top referrer. Thanks twitter!!

I am so close to getting 30 Facebook likes and access to insights. Thanks to my awesome subscribers, you rock.


Top Website Referrals

I want to give out a huge shout out THANKS to the blogs that I have received the most traffic from. Note that the reason I have received traffic from these websites is mostly from commenting or guest blogging. Moral of the story – you create your own traffic, don’t wait for others to do it for you.


Top Posts

Here’s the top viewed posts of July.
5 Lessons From Awesome Front Page Opt-ins

How to Turn Your Blog Into Money By Creating Your Own Online Course

SproutSpire ToDo
How To Use Evernote In Your Business

The Awesome Guide To Setting Up a Blog

The Awesome Guide To Blogging

Thanks For Your Continued Support

July is already shaping up to be filled with lots of opportunities. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Please, leave me a comment with your book recommendations, preferably for entrepreneurs, mind set, or something along that vein.

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Hey Carlie,

You are doing great. I also started my blog around 2 months ago, so it would be good to check my progress as compared to yours.
The thing I am lacking is that i don’t have an email list yet, and I am not using the power of guest blogging.
Btw there you go, I have given you the 30th like on your page, you now have the insights.


Theodore Nwangene

A very interesting stats Carlie,
I really like what you’re doing here and as you can see, you’re already moving higher.

Just keep on doing it this way and, they sky will certainly be your starting point because, you’re really a very talented blogger :).

I’m very happy to hear that you will be getting married soon and, i wish you all the good things marriage can afford.

I believe that soon, you will get to where you wanna be via blogging :).

I really enjoyed the post you wrote on my blog and, you are free to submit your guest posts on my blog anytime any day :).

Thanks a lot and, extend my warm regards to your husband to be :). You both have a great weekend.


Carlie Hamilton

Ah, so we are around the same stage. That’s great. Your site seems to be going well so far, would you agree? Thanks for the like, the insights are insightful!!


Carlie Hamilton

Thanks for coming by again! I am so glad you can comment now.

Thank you for all the compliments. I hope that I can keep moving up and up to greater heights. I have to admit that every day I feel doubt and fear that I wont make it, but when I look at posts like this one I can see how far I have actually come in a month. I am always thinking “I could have done more”, but I look at these posts and ones that others do, and all in all, I’m not a “break out” hit, but I am doing well.

Hope you too are having a great weekend!!



About my progress, I am “okay” with it. But my real progress will be judged by my readers.

Anyway, forgot to mention this. I wish you all the best for your forthcoming married life.
And given your determination and progress, I am sure you will be very successful with SproutSpire, much more than your job had to offer.


Jan Koch

Hi Carlie,
I admire your honesty.
Don’t worry about being let go, I’m sure you will do quite well without that job. What I learnt from reducing my hours as employee (and thus my income!) is, that you suddenly have a lot more focus on the important things. You start taking more action to improve your business and it will pay out!

If you like, you could submit a guest post on It has around 400 daily unique visitors and since it targets internet business ideas, you would be a perfect match. Let me know what you think

I’m sure you’ll make your way to success if you go on with this passion!

Best regards,


Tim Bonner

Hi Carlie

I’m sorry to hear that you were laid off. That’s really bad timing with getting married. Onwards and upwards though.

I reckon you’ve got your head screwed on much more than I have with generating a passive income from blogging.

My bounce rate is truly horrendous at around 75% according to Google Analytics. It’s much lower according to Clicky though so I’m not sure who’s telling the truth!


Carlie Hamilton

Thanks for the kind words, Sourav!


Carlie Hamilton

Hey Jan,

Thanks for the kind words. I would love to write a post for your blog. Actually, it’s funny, these past couple of days I’ve been invited onto three other blogs!

I’m only just getting back into the swing of things after being sick, but I will email you soon to set this up and our next interview.

Speak soon,


Carlie Hamilton

My mum keeps emailing me asking if the wedding is on. Yes, we are! But we may be in tracksuits

Analytics is a funny thing. Bounce rate depends on a lot of things, such as the amount of time it takes for the analytic software to time out. In the end, the number doesn’t really matter, as long as the trend is in the right direction (like losing weight!)


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