Leverage – A-Z of Growing Your Business Online


This month I’m taking the alphabet and giving you tips from each letter on how to grow your business online. Today’s letter is L for Leverage.

Now is a great time to be in business. Never has it been easier to become famous. Seth Godin says it better than I could:

seth godinWith enough leverage, you can change your company, your industry, and the world.

The levers just got longer (for everyone). The web and word of mouth and viruses and outsourcing and the long tail and the other factors involved in social media mean that everyone (every person, all six billion of us) has far more power than ever before. The king and the status quo are in big trouble…

What I’m saying is that one person can make a video that reaches fifty million viewers.

(Tribes, p. 36-37).

What can give you leverage in your business?

Leverage can give you an advantage over other businesses out there. It is easier than you think to give your business leverage. Here are easy ideas that you could use on your website today to provide more leverage to your business.

Success Stories

Show how your product or service has worked. Showcase your success stories. A great way is to create a blog post or a page on your website showing the story of some one’s success. People love a good story.

Think of fitness products. They often use this strategy to provide leverage for their business. The fitness industry is also known to be quite spammy, by showing people saying they got six pack abs by rocking for 30 mins each day on a chair. You know it’s false. So don’t be false in your success stories. Be genuine. People will appreciate that more.

Neil Patel has case studies on his blog.

Neil Patel has case studies on his blog.


Depending on your business, testimonials may be more appropriate. Don’t just wait for someone to send an unsolicited testimonial; actively seek them out. Why not have a questionnaire that is sent out at the conclusion of your service to someone? Ask for it.

Derek Halpern has a testimonial from Chris Brogan.

Derek Halpern has a testimonial from Chris Brogan.


Logos of where you have been featured, talked about, or your content has appeared can help establish your brand as one that is reputable. Any one can say their product is great. But if you have been featured elsewhere, then other people besides you are vouching for how good you are.

Chris Ducker has been featured everywhere

Chris Ducker has been featured everywhere

What Do You Do To Provide Leverage For Your Business?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Jan Koch

Hi Carlie,

I agree on every single method you mentioned.
One could also use public challenges to create more awareness. Various successful entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, Jaime Tarde, Natalie Sisson, Spencer Haws and more generate great traffic with this method.

All the best,


Carlie Hamilton

Great one Jan.

I am sort of doing a public challenge right now – although I haven’t really focused on any kind of community building, this A-Z challenge is a first step in a challenge. I have publicly declared the challenge. Now I have to be held accountable. And if I can follow through, then that can build some leverage for my business!


Gilbert Samuel

Another Great post Carlie

Wow! I’ve never given this a thought for once, I like the aspect of success stories.
One question though, you mentioned a point in logos “where your content has appeared”. Guest blogging is applicable to this right?

For example my guest post was published on sproutspire. Does this mean i an add your logo on my blog, just like the one above?


Susan Velez

Great tips, especially the one about adding success stories. I know that everyone loves reading success stories.

I know I personally love reading stories about people who were able to succeed at something.

Great tips, I need to start putting some of them into action.


Alvin Chadwick

Hey Carlie, these are some really great tips, thanks for posting! -Alvin


Ashley F

Hey Carlie, some good ideas in there and I notice you are taking some of your examples from only the best places! So we know they work. I do find Neil Patel’s stuff to be really good. I have not read his Growth Hacking post this week yet (only 30,000 words!!) – what about you?


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