First Month Of Marketing My Website


May has been officially my first month in business. I started my business halfway through April, but that was me setting things up. I didn’t start marketing my website until May. I want to provide a bit of a background into the types of activities I have been doing to market my website. One reason is so that I have a record of the things I have done, but also so that others can learn from what I have done and do it better!

I am quite pleased with the efforts I have made this month. In fact, I am blown away. For sure I wish I had spent more time on both content creation and marketing, but all things considered, I am happy with the way things have gone and I think it can only get better from here.

So, without futher introduction, here is what I have been doing to market myself in the first month of my website.

Guest Blogging

This month I have been writing guest posts around the web. Have a read and don’t forget to leave a comment!

3 Ways Your Website Can Generate Passive Income

Passive Income
I have spoken to many small businesses and I am constantly surprised how many don’t utilise digital tools in their business. For example, my local hairdresser uses a paper address book to record phone numbers and addresses. The owner is 26 years old, not someone who is stuck in a system for the past 40 years…

How To Write A Blog Post When You Don’t Feel Like It

don't feel like it
I’m sitting in front of the computer, and I know that I’m a couple of days overdue for a blog post. But my favourite online store is having a sale, and I’m having a great chat on Facebook… Oh, and the floor needs a vacuum, and I should start an exercise regime…


How to Really Get More Followers FREE on Social Media

We all want to get more followers free on our social media sites, whether for social proof, or just so we have more people to sell to. But how do you get people to like your stuff?…
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Notes on My Guest Posting

I made a soft goal of getting four guest posts out there but only managed to get the time to write three. For June, I’d like again to try and aim for four. If you would love me to write for your blog, feel free to send me an email about your blog and the kinds of articles you would like written. I’d love to have a look. And a big shout out to those who published my work in May, thank you!


Social Media


Twitter Followers
I have been focussing heavily on Twitter this month. I have tried to be active every day doing activities including:

  • Posting Everyday
  • Interacting With Others
  • Limiting my self promotion

I have my goals that I wrote when starting up my business and creating a marketing plan, and my goal for the end of 2013 was to have 100 twitter followers. It was just a number to have something to aim for, but I way under shot what I could achieve, as currently I have 96 followers and quite possibly could get to 100 today or tomorrow.

Right now for my social media I am focusing on the vanity metrics – getting some followers. Right now my goals are to just increase my brand awareness and get SproutSpire out there. In the future I will be focused more on what I can do with those followers – as in, what percentage come to my website from social media, what percentage then go on to sign up to my email list, etc. I haven’t quite decided what goals I will have yet for June – do I go for 200 followers, or do I aim even higher? I do like to have concrete goals so that I can aim for something and also evaluate how I am going.

Edit about an hour later:
Facebook Followers take2
Ha! 102 followers.


Facebook Followers
On the other hand, I haven’t been focusing much on Facebook at all. I have been doing the bare basics – just updating with what I have been doing here on the blog mainly, and no real promotion. However, despite doing not much, I have had 9 wonderful people like my page! Thanks!

I would like to start ramping up my Facebook campaign in the near future. Who knows – can I get to 100 likes in June?


Commenting On Other Blogs

Been doing some commenting on other websites, which has resulted in some networking, some beginning friendships (I hope!) and some traffic to my website. Here are the websites that gave me the most traffic (thanks!!)

Also, I wanted to thank some of the great people who has commented on my website posts – currently there are 66 total comments – WOW! Thank you :)

The Rest

I am sure there are many other ways that I have marketed SproutSpire. For instance, I have half heartedly posted on some forums that has resulted in some positive interactions. But I believe the top three things to generate some traffic to my website this month – Guest Posting, Social Media, and Commenting On Other Websites.

Most Popular Posts On SproutSpire

Here are the most popular posts on SproutSpire for May 2013:

How To Use Evernote In Your Business

Evernote is a simple yet powerful tool that you can use to organise your business. There are many complex – and costly – tools out there that you can use to do the same things that you can do with Evernote for free, or at much better value with their premium plan.
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26 Ways to Automate Your Business Using Online Tools

Automate Your Business
Automate your business and make your business more efficient and effective. This article lists 26 ways that you can automate your business using online tools. By automating your business it leaves you with more time to do the thing that made you start your business in the first place; and of course by doing that it allows your business to make more money. Don’t go jumping on everything listed in this article. Work out where your business could be automated and start from there.
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How to clear your inbox everyday

I’m sure you are a sucker when it comes to your email. I am as well. I glance at it all day long when a new email pops up on my phone, even if 90% of my emails are newsletter subscriptions (maybe over estimation – it can just seem like that at some times!)
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How Did You Find This Website?

Let me know how you found this website in the comments below! But more importantly – what did you do in May to market your website and are you pleased with the results? What are your goals for June?

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Greg Nunan

Great start Carlie and thanks for contributing to my site (Home Business Hub). Might have to request something for my other Internet Marketing site – I’ll flick you an email later



Hi Carlie,

Glad to visit your site and you are off the mark in the first month. Guest posting is a real way to market your blog and you are pretty well on the bull’s eye. A small suggestion though while you give external links check the box which says open in a new page so that when we click on the link a new tab opens. I was distracted a bit in reading this post as soon as I clicked on your first guest post link it took me to that page. I read the article there and came back to this page.

Commenting in other blogs too work like a charm that’s what actually bought me here, welcome to blogosphere you have great people around to help and at the same time they can utilize your experience in web development. I got a friend Angela graphic designer by profession California based. Now happy to see a web designer from Australia. Hope your presence makes lot of difference in the blogosphere.

My ways of promoting are similar to yours I too comment a lot and guest post a bit which did bring some quality visitors.

Have a great weekend…



Hi Greg!

Looking forward to your email



Hi Vijesh,

I don’t like forcing links to open in a new window/tab, as I hate it when it happens to me. I like to be able to choose. If you use a windows computer (not sure about mac) you can use your middle button to open a link in a new window/tab. You can also right click and select to open in a new window/tab. Hope that helps!



Hi Carlie,

Good Going, I love your guest post on allbloggingtips and it’s good to see that you are focusing on engaging twitter follower and not going for numbers.

Keep Sharing Content.:)



Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in numbers, for sure, but I try and keep myself grounded. It is all about quality traffic after all!!



Hi Carlie,
First of all congratulations…
It seems like you are doing really great… all the best for future dear… cheers


Carlie Hamilton

Thanks Ansh,
I appreciate your comment.



Hi Carlie,

You know, I really don’t remember how I found your site… I’m not sure if you found me or if I clicked on your gravatar in the comments of someone else’ post.

Either way, I’d say you’re off to a great start. I’ve had my site up since August of last year but, didn’t start marketing until about a month ago as well.

I like your goal of having 4 guest posts per month and even getting 3 in there is nothing to shake a fist at. My goal so far has been 2 so… hmmm, maybe I’ll have to up my game a bit? JK

I’d love to hear about how you plan on ramping up your facebook marketing. Maybe you’ve got a couple out of the box ideas to share?


Carlie Hamilton

I would love it if I could do more than 4 guest posts but my creative juices don’t flow as quickly as I would like.

At the moment I still haven’t done much with my facebook. I have some ideas, but haven’t put them into practise just yet. Have you listened to Amy Porterfield? She is my facebook go-to, so many juicy ideas from her. I plan to just do everything she says at the moment.

That being said, I just haven’t had the time to really focus on facebook yet, so many other priorities! Hopefully soon.


Sergio Felix

My goodness Carlie, you have done more in just one month that most bloggers will do in a whole year, great job!

I really like how you have been expanding yourself so fast and creating a very solid brand awareness at the same time, you’re definitely in the right path.

Your blog is beautiful, your writing style is amazing and the content you provide is top notch, hope you keep everything like this and continue growing!

I’m very happy to have connected with you Carlie and wish you all the success in the world (and you’ll get it) because you’re a natural hustler and go-getter.

Looking forward to see your next month results and congrats on achieveing your first 100 followers on twiter, great job there as well.


Carlie Hamilton

No worries about the shout out! My traffic stats don’t lie

Thank you so much for the glowing write-up, it makes me smile. I know we are both going places, and 2013 is the year for us!

Thanks for constantly being a great support in what I do.

– Carlie


Alvin Chadwick

Great article Carlie and thanks for the list of blogs!


Carlie Hamilton

I am glad you liked it! Thanks Alvin.


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