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Welcome to SproutSpire, a new web design, online marketing and digital strategy company based in Brisbane, Australia. My name is Carlie Hamilton, and I have been designing and building websites since 1999. I was published in the Sunday Mail on August 11, 2002 about my website, and was contacted by another newspaper but had to turn down the interview as I was graduating from high school at the time. Since then I have been part of many websites and online communities, including GoddessCarlie.com.

90% of Australian businesses are small businesses, and of them only 30% have an online presence. Crazy! I decided to start up SproutSpire to help small businesses, who may not have the capital to spend big bucks on a beaut website, build their brand online.

With only 30% of small businesses having an online presence – just by having one you are ahead of the majority. You have an advantage. A simple, clean, professional website can bring in a lot of new leads and increase brand awareness for your business.

I could throw out a lot of statistics about the habits of people online and how it could benefit your business, but you know it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You’ve taken the first step – thinking about getting online. The next step is to do it. SproutSpire is here to help.

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