What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

financial- reedom

Let’s take time out to dream large, and remind us why we are building our own businesses, not stuck as employees where hours equals money.

OK, I will admit that things are starting to get a bit tight here at home. My business is going well, I love working for SproutSpire. But it isn’t yet a full time wage. I’m working on it. But right now I want to take some time out to dream, but also remember the reasons why I’m doing this.

It isn’t all about the money

I mean that sincerely. I’m not all about money money money, sell sell sell. If you know me, you know that I am a real down to earth girl, who has always been pretty frugal with money. I get that from my dad who is always saving up for a “rainy day”. But money helps! We do need money to live unfortunatly! And I am sure that we all want financial freedom – we want the freedom where we can do what we want (within reason!) without having to worry about money.

I’m worried about money right now. I HATE having to worry about money. I don’t want to be that guy.

The truth is I find dreaming about the future very motivating to keep going. It reminds me that even though ‘now’ sucks (whether it is earth shattering suckage, or you are just feeling sad cause you stepped in a puddle and now your feet are cold and wet), I’m headed to a good place.

What Does Financial Freedom Mean To Me?

Here’s what financial freedom means to me, right now.

Buy my own home

I can’t wait to own my own place. Renting sucks! I really want to have my own place where I can decide what colours to paint the walls. My partner and I will be fairly picky on the kitchen, we have had a lot of bad kitchens over the years. I will want my own office room, and we will need at least one room for a nursery (cause first comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes a HOUSE before a baby in a carriage). I know my cat, Nala, will be happy to have some new turf to explore. She is starting to feel like a fish in a bowl in our little apartment. She lets me know that loudly each day.

IF I was a kajilionaire, we would probably buy in the suburb that is our namesake. It’s close to Brisbane city and I like the area. But, that is just being greedy! Instead, to get anything nice that we will be able to afford, it will be a fair distance from the city. Another win for working at home!

The suburb really doesn’t matter – OK, it does. But what I mean is that within reason, it doesn’t matter where it is, as long as it is mine and I with the people (and animals) that I love.

Can Visit My Family Often

This one will become more and more important soon. Here’s something you may not know about me. My family live in America! My younger bro, sis, and mum all live in the U.S of A. Which is all shiney and great, except that it is a fair distance away from my humble home. And not cheap to visit.

We live in a fabulous age where there is the internet, with easy video communication. But you know, there is nothing like seeing family in person.

Some of you may be saying that I am lucky that my parents can’t just drop over any old time. I know I’m lucky in some regards. I can tell you that my mum and I’s relationship improved vastly when she moved a million miles away! But I kid, I kid (or do I?).

One day, in the not too distant future, my sister and brother will most likely start producing offspring, and I may do the same. I don’t want to be the absent aunt. I want to be able to have the means to go and see my family at Christmas times, or for special occasions, or just because. (And, I don’t want this to be my only holiday money. I want to see the world!).

And the great news is, I can give them really loud, annoying toys and then fly a thousand km’s home.

Share What Financial Freedom Means To You In The Comments Below

Yeah, my dreams aren’t really super exciting. I guess it’s a sign I’m getting old. Actually, I think it is a matter of priority – when I have the simple pleasures covered I know I will get crazy 😉 Yeah, I do have other dreams, but right now these are the core ones that I want to achieve.

Let me know in the comments below, what are you working torwards. What does financial freedom mean to you?

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Sergio Felix

Hey Carlie, I think you make some very valid points here.

I don’t think it’s all about the money either but just like you said, we need it in order to survive, it’s just how it is so let it be.

Having said that, I think that you have pretty cool goals for you, your partner, your family and even your cat.

For me, financial freedom means being able to relocate anywhere in the world and whenever I want, not having to work for a boss and not exchanging my time for money on a specific schedule.

If you asked me what would be the craziest thing right now I would like to do that involved becoming an absolute internet marketing entrepreneur, it would be buying a one way ticket to Chiang Mai in Thailand.

My girlfriend loves the city, great services, commodities, etcetera and while I enjoy all of that too I also like adventure (she’s not THAT adventurous) but she does tell me that if I have the money to travel and see the world on a 1-2 year trips, she’s definitely into it.

So I guess I’m just going to get the money and do that! Those are my plans post wedding but I may hold on for a few months so she can quit her job properly.

If I have loads of cash before that happens, we may do that sooner but I can’t see the future so we’ll see!



Carlie Hamilton

This is a struggle within me. Seriously, 5 years ago (or less), I did not want a home. I wanted to travel the world. That part of me is still alive and well, but I also want more than anything my own home base. I want to own my own home and be able to travel the world – with Europe being high on my list.

Being able to relocate is awesome. I want to be able to live in other countries – I’ve lived in Japan and it was awesome. But next time it will be different. It will most likely involve kids, that is how I picture it. I’m getting old.

I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Thailand. I have no doubt you could do it if you choose to. I imagine that Thailand would be cheaper to live in too (although I’m not sure what the cost of living is like in Mexico), so you wouldn’t have to earn as much to live like a king.

My partner and I have done a bit of travel. What I really want to do is to bike ride across Europe. My partner is not as adventurous as me, but I think we would both enjoy a 3 month driving trip across Europe (or longer). I would loooooove to do that.

Our post wedding plans are to save up for a house. I’m hoping things will boom too, so that it comes sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the reply Sergio.


Tal Gur

Good post. To me, monthly passive income greater than monthly expenses equals Financial Freedom.
At the end of the day, financial freedom means freedom.


Jan Koch

Hi Carlie,

I love your mindset about using money as a tool to live. That really resonates with me.

I’m somewhat in a similar situation, right now I can’t make a living of my online business and that’s why I’m still employed and trade 20 hours each week for money.

Like you say, I’m seeing money not as something to have for the sake of having.
I want to use money to get more free time. Money enables people to spend the time in the ways they like. And that’s exactly why I started my business for.

We’re both working hard to reach our goals and I’m sure we will stop worrying about money in our near future

All the best,


Carlie Hamilton

“freedom” does mean different things to different people. As does “passive”. Would love for you to elaborate more on your dreams


Carlie Hamilton

Thanks for your comment, Jan. Here’s to the near future


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